Coriander Hybrid F1 Multi Cut


Coriander Hybrid F1 Multi Cut Seeds

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Coriander Hybrid F1 Multi Cut Seeds

Coriander hybrid f1
A multi cut variety very good aroma.
Tolerant to high temperature
Suitable for round the year.
Resistive to soil bond diseases up to 20 Days


Coriander is now one of the most common herbs in use today.
Superb at livening up salads and essential in many Asian dishes, its recent popularity may be due in part to the plants culinary adaptability.
This is because both the seeds and the leaves of the coriander plant can used in cooking.
The seeds have a slight lemony flavour – these are often ground up and used as a spice.
While the leaves have a fresh and slightly bitter taste, and these are usually chopped up and added to dishes, breads or used raw as a garnish.

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