Radish Pods – Mongra


Approximately 30 seeds in each packet
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Radish Pods – Mongra Can be picked all summer, Part of the James Wong Homegrown Revolution Range.

Crisp, mustard-and-radish flavored chilli-shaped seed pods you can pick all summer long. Foolproof to grow, the pods are produced in great bunches throughout the summer. Latin name: Raphanus caudatus. Imagine a radish plant pretty enough to blend seamlessly into the flower border, only twice as productive and truly foolproof to grow.

Then crank up its fiery mustard flavour, combine it with a crisp, green bean-like crunch and wrap the whole lot in a delicate chilli-shaped pod & you have this remarkable veg. Hailing from exotic Java, the crisp seed pods of these ‘aerial radishes’ are none-the-less no newcomer to the British table, having once been a favourite crop on our shores in the early 1800s.

Delicious, unusual, yet surprisingly versatile, the pods are produced by the dozen in great bunches right through the summer. Variety: Radish Munchen Bier. Sow: March-August. Harvest: May-October.

*Approximately 30 seeds in each packet


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