Tomato Scatolone Heirloom Seeds


Tomato “Scatolone” Heirloom Indeterminate 15 Seeds
Average 100 g in weight
Mild, individual fruits ripen
Indeterminate variety
5-9 fruits in a bunch

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Tomato Scatolone Heirloom Seeds for those looking to get one of the best. A huge refined San Marzano type Tomato, ripens from the inside out and with a whole lot of pulp and flavour.

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Ideal for making sauce and canning. Large bright red fruits with few seeds and slightly flattened sides average 100 g (4 oz) in weight. The skin is quite crack resistant while the flesh is both meaty and mild, individual fruits ripen successively over the gardening season. Indeterminate variety.

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Mid-early variety with fleshy and sweet, pepper-shaped, red fruits weighing 80-100 g. There are 5-9 fruits in a bunch.
Fruits contain few seeds, universal use. The variety is indeterminate, and very productive. Designed for outdoor cultivation.
Requires garter and plant formation. The first inflorescence is laid above 9-11 leaves, the next ones – after 3 leaves.
Fresh fruit has good taste. The variety has high sugar content. Suitable for stuffing. Medium resistance to major fungal diseases.

Sow seeds indoors about 6-8 weeks before last Spring frost date, use a peat moss based growing mix for growing seedlings. The temperature of the seeding mix should be 21-24 C (70 – 75 F) for prompt germination. When the seedlings are 4 cm (1.75″)high, transplant each into individual peat pots, reducing temperature to 15–18 C (59 – 65 F) until planting in the Garden late May.

After hardening off, transplant into well drained Organic soil 60 cm (24″) apart for (Determinate) varieties and 90 cm (36″) apart for (Indeterminate) varieties. Tomato’s need warm direct Sunlight and steady supply of water. Apply water directly into soil rather than showering down over the plants. Rotate the crop position in the Garden every year.

Dig out and discard any diseased plants, do not compost. It is also very important to keep plants evenly watered, as fluctuations in soil moisture can lead to a host of problems such as fruit cracking, splitting, and the chance of blossom end rot developing. Apply a mulch of straw around each Tomato plant to protect them from soil borne diseases and to help conserve soil moisture. Enjoy your sweet Summer harvest!

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